Community Rules

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Following you can see some of the rules and regulations that are applied to the use of the common areas of this community:


Community Rules for the Use of Gardens and Swimming Pools

Please be aware that any prohibition in the common areas is for our good and in case of allowing a prohibited action to someone gives the right to any of the others 159 owners to do it at the same time, therefore:

Is prohibited


  • Pets.
  • Playing with balls and similar items.
  • Playing football in the common areas, gardens, common access, etc. Neither children nor adults, shall we play the 159 owners at the same time?
  • Ride bicycles or motorbikes in common areas.
  • Invade the common areas with private elements, owners of ground floors should keep in mind that the gardens are common. Imagine the garden furniture of the 159 owners on the garden. Common gardens must remain neat and clean.
  • Use guns and shotguns with plastic balls and, in general, toys and objects susceptible of blocking and jamming common elements such as drains, pool filters, etc.
  • Access the water treatment rooms and manipulate pool cleaning tools.
  • Use lilos and inflatable objects in swimming pools.
  • Use glasses and glass bottles.
  • Hang towels or any clothing over the balconies / verandas of the terraces.
  • Pouring liquids through the sinks of the terraces, spoil the gardens.
  • Make noises with furniture drags, wear heels in homes or stairs, use appliances at night. Do not slam doors.



Community Rules at Apartments and Garage Areas.

It's forbidden to:


  • Make noises with furniture drags, wear heels in homes or stairs, use appliances at night. Slamming doors.
  • Exceed 55 decibels during the day from 8 am to 80m and 45 decibels to 12 pm.
  • Pour any liquid through the drains of the terraces.
  • Carry out professional activities in the storerooms and use the parking spaces as a vehicle repair shop.
  • Deposit organic litter in the litter bins. Inform the tenants where the trash recycling platforms are located.
  • Parking on the sidewalks prevents access for disabled and baby carts.
  • It is mandatory that all owners inform their tenants in writing of the rules of the Community, being responsible for their behavior and any damage they may cause in common areas.



We recommend placing this notice on a visible place  in your home.

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Noise Regulation

Noise Regulations


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